East Harlem public housing residents ‘feel like popsicles’ in their homes

EAST HARLEM, Manhattan — Some residents of three public housing buildings in East Harlem have faced many, cold sleepless nights without heat this winter. Ester Matos, who lives at the Jefferson Houses, said the final straw was when her 6-year-old son had to wear his gloves and winter jacket in their living room. Some tenants said it’s always the same excuse from management about why they don’t feel their heat lately.

“They are always a no show. Tickets are closed and they say we are working on it,” said Maria Rios.

Matos showed PIX11 News her detailed notebook of complaints, documenting her outages this year. Matos said she is afraid her 6-year-old son is going to get sick. She’s not alone. Some residents described feeling like “popsicles” in their homes.

On Monday afternoon, there were 10 developments with heat and/or hot water disruptions across the city, impacting over 16,000 people according to NYCHA’s own website tracking outages .  A NYCHA spokesperson tells PIX11 news they are looking into all of these residents’ complaints.

“NYCHA staff visited these buildings and temperatures are between 65 and 75 degrees,” a spokesperson said. “These buildings have a BMS system, which regulates the heat. NYCHA staff will remain on site until all apartments are within sufficient range. Residents experiencing any issues, including heat or hot water loss in their apartment, should create a work ticket by using the MyNYCHAApp or by calling the Customer Contact Center at718-707-7771.”

PIX11 News will be back to check on restoration of heat and hot water for these families. If you have problems with your heat or hot water reach out to Monica Morales direct at monica@pix11.com

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