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Louisiana Community Association Law

Homeowners’ associations in Louisiana are subject to the Business Corporation Act, which provides most of the regulations applied to HOAs. The Louisiana Homeowners Association Act was also passed to provide regulations more specific to community associations.

Homeowners Association’s Rights and Responsibilities

Association membership is mandatory upon purchase or property within a community association. All community regulations are backed by law and can be enforced as such.


The HOA has the right to impose fees and assessments upon association members to raise funds for community maintenance. They may also regulate property aesthetics such as grass length, exterior colors, etc. Additional fines may be levied for non-compliance and/or code violations. In the event of account delinquency, the homeowners’ association can place liens on the property.

Annual Meeting

Annual member meetings must be held to elect board officials and discuss community regulations. Special meetings may be called by a majority vote from the board of directors or by 10% of the membership. Community bylaws can provide a different percentage required to call meetings but may not exceed 25%. Notice of all meetings must be given at least ten days before a meeting but no more than 60 days. The meeting notice must include a description of all topics to be discussed.

Homeowner Voting

Homeowners are given one vote per lot. Some larger properties can be divided into several lots, giving the owner more votes within the community. The more votes/lots an owner has, the more share of maintenance cost they also receive.

Louisiana Homeowners Association Act

§1141.3 of the Homeowners Association Act states that community documents are superior to any regulations provided in the act. The powers described in the LA HOA Act are only applicable if not addressed within community declarations or bylaws.

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