How to Create a Home Office without Breaking the Bank

Shared From Atlanta Real Estate Forum | There is no doubt that working from home provided more flexibility for professional workers. However, without a functional workspace, productivity can actually decrease. Remote work is here to stay and practical, affordable home offices are increasingly popular home features. In a survey conducted by Upwork , by 2025, 22 percent of Americans will be working remotely, which is an 87 percent increase pre-pandemic.

Establishing a home office can seem like an expensive project, but there are ways to keep it affordable!

Here are some ideas to create a home office that won’t break the bank:

The first step in designing a home office is to find exclusive space. It’s essential to create an area solely for work to prevent personal spaces from mixing with work. A spare room with plenty of natural light and fresh air is ideal.

After securing a designated space, it’s time to find a desk. First, determine the ideal desk size by measuring the office area. IKEA is a fantastic outlet to shop a wide variety of stylish desks that fit the budget. From standing desks and laptop tables to a “create your own” option, they have it all!

Another easy hack to make remote work simpler is purchasing a  monitor stand  to elevate your desk and provide additional storage for everyday essentials.

According to the  Open Access Government , the average U.S. worker spends 75 percent of the workday sitting, making the desk chair the most important feature of a home office. For comfy and affordable options, check out this  article  highlighting the top 2021 picks…

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