Should you disclose flocks of crows or nosy neighbors? Perhaps…

Whether your house sells in one day or in three months, the process is generally the same. After the adrenaline rush of negotiating multiple offers, strategizing over closing and moving dates and forensic accounting to discover if the buyers have the financial capability of completing the transaction, there’s the mountain of paperwork to be completed within a few days of the dust settling.

The chief items in this mountain of paperwork are the seller disclosures, including the lengthy and detailed Seller Property Questionnaire. One of the categories on this form is entitled “Neighborhood,” which includes noise or nuisance from neighbors, traffic, parking, congestion, airplanes, trains, light rail, subways, trucks, freeways, buses, schools, parks, landfills, agricultural operations, businesses, odors, recreational facilities, restaurants, entertainment facilities, parades, sporting events, fairs, litter, construction, air conditioning equipment, air compressors, generators, pool equipment, underground gas pipelines, cell phone towers, high voltage transmission lines or wildlife.

My understanding is that this list includes items past sellers neglected to mention, whether accidentally or intentionally, which has led to some contention between the parties. It is important sellers respond as honestly as possible to these disclosures. For example, during the recent Holy Jim fire, the path between the water sources and the fire led water-dropping helicopters directly over my house. So, for two days, there was constant noise.

This was certainly an isolated event, not anything that happens on a regular basis…

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