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Mayor William “Bill” Edwards, City of South Fulton
Councilwoman Carmalitha Gumbs, City of South Fulton, District 2
Councilwoman, Helen Z. Willis, City of South Fulton, District 3
Councilman Corey A. Reeves, City of South Fulton, District 5
Councilman Mark Baker, City of South Fulton, District 7
Vice-Chair Marvin Arrington, Jr., Fulton County District 5
Mayor William “Bill” Edwards Q&A (Police & Economic Development)
Discussion about Economic Development for CoSF


Corro’ll Driskell, Sr., HOA Alliance
Attorney Marvin Arrington, Jr., Arrington & Phillips
• Define a community association.
• What exactly is a Transition?
• What is the difference between an appointed declarant board and an elected homeowner board?
• Board member duties to the Association & homeowners/members
• What is governance?.
• Define operations & management of a community association.
• What are the essential records?
• Discuss the Board member’s use of email accounts.
• What are Tips to keep Board members out of trouble?

Code Enforcement vs HOA Enforcement City of South Fulton City of South Fulton,
Code Enforcement, Brian Morris
HOA Alliance, Corro’ll Driskell

• HOA rules and rental/ownership challenges
• HOA community covenants
• Enforcement of ordinances
• Enforcement of covenants
• AirBnB Code vs HOA violation
• Code Enforcement vs Police Enforcement

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