Holidays only come every once in a while. So, when they do, homeowners associations should take the opportunity to plan social events designed to foster a sense of community among residents. Here are the best HOA Fourth of July celebration ideas to get you started.

The Best HOA Fourth of July Celebration Ideas Fourth of July is right around the corner. And while people across the country might gather to celebrate with friends and family, homeowners associations should take this chance to plan a community-wide event. After all, some of the perks of association living are getting an invite to exclusive events and forming deep relationships with your neighbors. Independence Day is a great time to do just that.

Below, you will find some of the best HOA Fourth of July activities you can plan for your community.

1. Decorate Let’s face it — not all homeowners associations have the budget for an extravagant celebration. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun this Independence Day. Even with a limited budget, an HOA can instill the spirit of Fourth of July in residents by putting up some decorations around the neighborhood. Streamers, flags, and wreaths are enough to get the celebration going.

Boards can also encourage residents to decorate their own houses for the occasion. Of course, these should still stay in line with the community’s policy on holiday decorations .

2. Organize a Neighborhood Parade Parade sightings are not uncommon on the Fourth of July. But, not everyone lives in a big city with access to large parades.

Communities can organize their own neighborhood parade by encouraging residents to decorate wagons and bikes. Kids can ride in them and stroll through the community in one neat line for everyone to see. Don’t forget to play music while you strut through the streets to really set the Independence Day mood.

3. Host a Fourth of July BBQ Nothing says HOA 4th of July celebration like a good, old-fashioned barbecue. In fact, barbecues are practically synonymous with the federal holiday . Countless Americans throughout the country will be firing up their grills to show their red, white, and blue spirit.

Homeowners associations can use this party idea, too. You can plan a community-wide barbecue where residents can break bread with their neighbors. Of course, such a celebration will require loads of food, not to mention more than a few grills. HOA boards can ask owners to lend their grill or order ready-to-eat barbecued meats.

4. Plan a Picnic The Fourth of July is a great opportunity to spend some time together outdoors. And what better way to do that than to have a picnic? If your HOA has a park inside the community, consider inviting everyone to go on a group picnic. It doesn’t even have to be a park — any large, green space will do!

Residents can bring their own food to the picnic or the HOA can provide it instead. For the latter, you will need to get a headcount in advance to ensure you prepare enough food for everyone. Alternatively, homeowners can share food with the rest of the attendees, potluck-style. Then, come nighttime, everyone can gather around a fire to toast s’mores.

5. Have a Dessert Party At any holiday party, you simply can’t go wrong with desserts. If you think the same, old barbecue or picnic has been played out, why not plan a dessert party for everyone?

To plan this, you will need a venue big enough to hold all attendees. Something like a meeting room or clubhouse will work. Then, you will need sweet treats for everyone to enjoy. Cupcakes, pies, brownies, and cookies are all great options. If you want to take things one step further, you can even set up an area where kids can decorate their own desserts in line with the holiday.

6. Plan a Pool Party The Fourth of July takes place during the summer, and one of the best ways to have some summer fun is to have a pool party. This is perfect for homeowners associations with private pools, whether outdoor or indoor.

With pool parties, you will never run out of fun HOA 4th of July activities. Everyone can simply take a dip, play water volleyball, or play Marco Polo. You can even combine this idea with a barbecue party to really take things up a notch. Just remind everyone not to take any food or drinks to the pool area to keep everything hygienic. And, for safety reasons , you might want to hire a lifeguard or ask parents not to leave their kids unattended.

7. Host a Costume Party Costumes are not only for Halloween. To have a blast this Independence Day, why not host a costume party? Both adults and kids can come dressed in their best Fourth of July costumes. Set up a stage or red carpet so that everyone can show off their outfits. Then, at the end of the night, people can vote for the best costume, and the winner will get a prize. Don’t forget to serve food and drinks during the party, too.

8. Organize a Movie Marathon Movies have a special way of bringing people together. They are the perfect bonding tool. So, if your HOA is short on money this year, a simple move marathon can do wonders for camaraderie.

Decorate your clubhouse for the event, and set up some chairs or couches where people can sit. Then, using a large TV or a projector, show movies that embody the Fourth of July theme. Some examples include “Independence Day,” “Top Gun,” “The Patriot,” “Air Force One,” and “Apollo 13.”

9. Arrange a Fireworks Display No HOA Fourth of July celebration would be complete without a dazzling fireworks display. The best part about this idea is that you can do it on its own or combine it with other ideas on this list for a grand finale. There are many companies that offer fireworks displays at affordable rates, though you will need to book them ahead of time as demand is high during this season.

Alternatively, you can also set fireworks off yourself or hand out sparklers to everyone. Just make sure you comply with your state and local government’s laws.

Bringing Everyone Closer Together There’s something about Independence Day that makes people feel patriotic and more inclined to bond with their neighbors. Homeowners associations should take advantage of this and promote a sense of community through social events. Social events are also a great way for residents to feel closer to board members and their HOA managers. If you want to hold a memorable HOA Fourth of July celebration, these ideas surely won’t disappoint.

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