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Earlier this month, Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. (ABI) announced its invitation to bid in the search for a construction firm to build the Southside Trail Segments 4 and 5 between Boulevard and Glenwood Avenue. Pending the finalization of pre-construction activities, ABI expects construction to begin in the next several months.

“We know residents have been waiting for the next phase of the Southside Trail to begin, and we are excited to be one step closer to construction,” said President and CEO of Atlanta BeltLine, Inc., Clyde Higgs. “The Southside Trail will be foundational to the BeltLine’s success, connecting the Westside Trail and the Eastside Trail and bringing us closer to a more connected Atlanta. Coupled with our supportive programming, we aim to build a BeltLine for all and to see neighbors and businesses stay in place and thrive.”

Over 80% of the mainline trail will be under construction or completed within the next two years.

Intending to strengthen the viability and economic development of women and minority business enterprises, ABI values supplier diversity. It seeks to hire diverse suppliers and firms to help with the BeltLine construction and development. Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. considers equity a business essential that begins with the organization and extends to exterior work and partnerships.

Interested firms can register on the ABI procurement management website . Once the firm is registered, find the invitation here : Invitation to Bid – Southside Trail Segments 4 and 5 Construction.

Construction of the Atlanta BeltLine Southside Trail features a 14-foot-wide concrete path, lighting, planting, retaining walls, signage/wayfinding, storm drainage, streetscape/accessibility improvements, bridge replacement and rehabilitation and connections to adjoining streets.

Excluding any unforeseen challenges, Southside Trail Segments 4 and 5 should be finalized two years from the construction start date. Once fiber relocation activities are complete, construction will begin. This project might have extended finalization due to issues at the Ormewood Avenue and United Avenue crossings. The construction scope includes the bridge rebuilding over United Avenue.

Until construction begins, the unpaved trail will remain open for public use.

Southside Trail History and Segment Updates

The City of Atlanta and the ABI acquired the Southside Corridor in Mach of 2018, featuring more than four miles and 63 acres. In August 2019, the unpaved Southside Trail opened to the public. In September of 2021, the first paved segment of the Southside Trail opened.

Split into six segments for construction purposes, the Southside Trail Segment 1 is finished and located between the development at Pittsburgh Yards and the end of the Westside Trail at University Avenue.

Anticipated to be bid for construction in September 2023, Segments 2 and 3 reside between Boulevard and Pittsburgh Yards. This segment holds connections to the federal construction process and federal dollars.

In May of 2021, temporary safety improvements were made to Segment 6 which runs alongside Bill Kennedy Way between Memorial Drive and Glenwood Avenue. ABI will be searching for an engineering design team to work on finalizing designs for permanent trail projects to improve trail experience, including adding a separate trail bridge across I-20 and required changes to adjacent trails.

Due to the Environmental Protection Agency providing a $500,000 Brownfield Cleanup Grant, brownfield restoration work was concluded along the Southside Trail Segments 2 through5 this summer.

For additional information on current ABI projects, view the design and construction updates for August 2022 . Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. will continue to post construction updates and closures here .

About the Atlanta BeltLine

The mission behind Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. is to be the leader in making Atlanta a global hotspot for sustainable, equitable and inclusive city life. As one of the most extensive urban redevelopment programs in the United States, the ABI is constructing a more economically and socially resilient Atlanta with the help of host communities and partner organizations through affordable housing, inclusive transportation systems, public spaces and job creation for all. For additional information on the Atlanta BeltLine, visit www.BeltLine.org .

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