HOA Homefront: Who is watching out for our associations?

California has at least four organizations involved in one way or another in HOA legislation.

Q: I would never say that the state should stay out of HOA business completely. I think most of the provisions of the Davis-Stirling Act are to the benefit of HOA homeowners, giving us protection against bad HOA government that is lacking in many other states. But at the same time, it seems to me that sometimes the state goes too far in trying to override HOA governance, such as the subject of rental restrictions.

I am wondering if there are any organizations out there that, in your opinion, seek to promote a good balance between state laws that protect the integrity of HOAs and protect the individual homeowner rights within them, while fighting back against state overreach.

If there are any such organizations that you believe are on the “right track“ in this regard, perhaps you could share the names and contact info with your readers who might want to reach out to them. — M.M., Riverside

A: California has at least four organizations involved in one way or another in HOA legislation.

The largest is the California Association of Realtors, which has a “Homeownership Housing” committee that over the years has sponsored legislation regarding HOAs. CAR is responsible for almost all of the legislation over the past 15 years regarding reserves and transfer document costs disclosures.

However, CAR’s primary stated purpose is to advance the cause of real estate professionals, and it is not officially dedicated to advancing HOA issues. To be a voting member, one must be a licensed real estate professional (aka Realtor). It…

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