#LasVegas – Nevada state law backs HOA rules on garbage cans in

Q: I am a resident of a gated community in southwest Las Vegas. We’ve lived in this community for a year and a half. Our house is on the right side of the road. There is no neighbor at our left, and there is a wall between our house and road.

We always place our garbage can on the side of our house but not in the gate at our backyard. It is outside of our backyard gate, and there is a wall on the side. We recently received a violation notice from our homeowners association. The board has ordered us to remove the trash can from the common area view and visible site, which is our site. Is that a common area? It belongs to our house and it’s our property.

I don’t understand why we can’t place them on our property? (Can) we move them to inside our backyard gate? They are still visible because we don’t have a screen door. This confuses me. In this community not only our trash can is visible.

In a letter the HOA sent to us it said that living in a planned community involves the “consideration of all residents to abide by the covenants, conditions and restrictions. One reason for having CC&Rs is to protect the rights of homeowners in the community, both yours and those of your neighbors.”

It went on to say: “Another reason is to assure that everyone maintains their properties in a manner that is consistent with other properties in the association. We understand the following noncompliance item may just be an oversight. Please be aware that the following condition has been noted on the property and is not consistent with the community standards outlined in the governing documents. The non-compliance must be c…

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