In a condominium (condo) community, the controlling document is typically the condominium declaration or bylaws. The condominium declaration is a legal document that establishes the condominium as a separate legal entity and outlines the rights and responsibilities of the condo association, unit owners, and other stakeholders. It typically includes information on the common areas and facilities, the ownership and use of individual units, and the governing of the association.

The condo bylaws, on the other hand, outline the rules and regulations for the operation of the association, including details on the powers and duties of the board of directors, the election and removal of board members, and the financial management of the association.

Together, the condominium declaration and bylaws form the legal framework for the management and operation of the condo community. They are typically more controlling than any rules or policies established by the board of directors, and take precedence over any conflicting provisions in those documents.

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