Homeowners associations have long been known for regulating the appearance of communities. For one Gwinnett County neighborhood, though, that means following the HOA’s forced tree removal order.

Out With the Old, In With the New

For nearly two decades, the trees in Webb Gin Farms have stood tall and weathered the elements. Now, the homeowners association is demanding that residents cut down the old trees and replace them with new ones. This has given the neighborhood an unbalanced look, with both smaller trees and more mature ones lining the streets.

One homeowner feels sad and upset over the forced tree removal. They feel that cutting down the majestic trees will give the community a different appearance, explaining that the mature trees gave Webb Gin Farms an “old established” feel.

According to the homeowner, the HOA knocked on their door every single day to ask them to remove their large tree. The job ended up costing them $300. The HOA is apparently doing the same with everyone else in the community.

Residents understandably feel upset over the change. But, the association maintains its decision, calling it beautification.

The HOA president said the association made the request to remove old, uncared-for trees in the community. The replacement trees will then come at no charge for the homeowners.

This is not the first time a homeowners association has asked residents to remove trees. In communities across many states, HOAs have asked owners to cut down old trees and replace them with younger or more drought-tolerant ones. And, more often than not, associations do not cover the cost of tree removal and replacement. That responsibility is left to homeowners.

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