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In a community in Punta Gorda, Florida, owners are still paying HOA fees on homes that burned down months ago.  

Four months ago, a number of homes in Emerald Pointe Community burned down. And while the owners of those homes haven’t been able to use them for quite a while, they are still continuing to pay the HOA fees for those homes. Perhaps even more shocking was that the HOA raised the dues two months after the fire.

One man, Mitch Eby, lost his home and possessions in the fire. It was the kindness of his neighbors — people he barely knew — who offered their help in his time of need that pushed him to buy a new home in the same community. But, that also meant he had to pay the fees on two homes.

Emerald Pointe’s insurance company already paid the condo association $1.9 million. However, the owners who lost their homes said they still haven’t received a penny. They’re also not pleased with owners still paying HOA fees.

According to Eby, the association already spent $100,000 of the payout.

Neil Purtell, the president of the condo association, said that money went to the cost of cleanup and remediation. The association allocated another $200,000 for any additional fees the association may encounter.

The HOA is set to hold a vote soon, with the owners who lost their homes voting on whether they want to rebuild. Most victims, though, only want to stop paying HOA fees and receive the $225,000 payout.

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